Kids love things that GO! Our big collection of vehicle-themed baby embroidery designs includes everything from cars and trucks to boats and hot air balloons. The sky is literally the limit of what you can do with these designs! Use our cute vehicle embroidery designs for baby to personalize play clothing or bedroom decor. Create party favors or reusable goodie bags for vehicle-themed birthday parties, or make your own baby shower gifts.


We have adorable baby embroidery designs featuring cars, trucks, and tractors. Whether your little one enjoys the excitement of being on the road in the city or down on the farm, our vehicle machine embroidery designs for baby and young children are perfect for personalizing play clothes that they love.

Help your child’s imagination soar with our airplane and hot air balloon designs. Or encourage their love of adventure with our sailboat designs. These baby embroidery designs will help you to create and describe a world that is out there, waiting to be explored!

Vehicles are not just for boys – lots of girls love cars, trucks, and tractors. Girls love air and sea travel too! Create shirts, socks, dresses, hats, or even hair bows for girls on the go. Or please your little princess with our princess carriage designs.

Are you a teacher or a daycare provider? Use our baby embroidery designs in your classroom to help little ones learn which vehicles are which and where each one travels. Create play mats, cubbie signs, wall hangings, and more!

Create baby bibs with custom embroidery featuring our vehicle designs. If you have a bigger project in mind, use a selection of designs from our collection or choose a single vehicle theme to create your own themed blanket or quilt. These baby embroidery designs celebrating things that go make it easy to customize bibs, clothing, and home decor for your baby or young child. You can also create a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift for a baby shower, friend, or family member.