Send them to school or day care in custom shirts, dresses, and socks featuring our school-themed baby embroidery designs. We have school-related imagery like crayons, pencils, apples, and education-related sayings. Our cute school-themed baby embroidery designs are not only a great way to create special bibs, clothing, and accessories for babies and kids, they are also a great way to customize shirts, hats, totes, wall-hangings, or anything else you can think of for the graduates and teachers in your life.


Show your children’s teachers your appreciation by creating unique end-of-the-school-year thank you gifts featuring our “apple for the teacher” designs. A modern twist on a classic gesture, our apples and apple frames look great on hand towels and totes.

Are you a teacher? Show the world how much you love your job with our teaching-related designs and sayings. Whether you “put the cool in the school” or “the sass in the class,” let them know that you think teaching is the “best job ever!”

Do you have or know a little one who is just entering kindergarten or who is “new to the school?” We have special designs for those starting school for the first time to help get them excited and boost their confidence. Make them a new shirt or tote bag each year as they advance in grade. Keep school fun with clothing items featuring pencils, crayons, and school buses.

Create a special shirt or dress for your little one to wear on the 100th day of the school year. If you are a teacher, use our 100 days of school designs to decorate your classroom for the occasion. Make a day of it by teaching students how many mathematical concepts use the number 100.

Let your child express their personality with a whimsical school-themed design featuring mermaids, unicorns, or boarding school uniform. Or let them show off their participation in extracurricular activities like gymnastics and sports with our adorable images or by wearing their team number. We also have special designs for grads, including a special graduation gift cardholder.


Help the young child who is just starting school get in the mood by creating baby bibs with custom embroidery featuring our school designs for little bro or sis. Or use a selection of school-themed designs to create your own baby blankets or quilt. Whatever your project, these embroidery designs for baby, young children, and teachers make it easy to be creative this school year!