Whether you have a budding doctor, dentist, builder, or wizard, we have adorable occupation-themed baby embroidery designs that are sure to please you and your little one. Choose from characters, thematic imagery, or occupation-related sayings. Not only do our cute occupation-related baby embroidery designs make a great way to customize bibs, clothing, and accessories for babies and kids, they also make great gifts for the doctors, lawyers, teachers, and dentists in your life. Customize shirts, hats, totes, wall-hangings, or anything else you can think of!


What kid doesn’t daydream about what they want to be when they grow up? Whether your little one imagines themselves as a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, a judge or a librarian, we have adorable baby embroidery designs for many popular professions. Our sweet and friendly occupation characters feature the costumes and accessories of their professions. Use individual designs on play clothes for the kids, or use a set to create occupation-themed play mats, quilts, pillows, cloth baby books, and more.

Choose from our dentist-themed designs to get kids excited about caring for their teeth. Then encourage them to wear their dentist shirt on their next visit to the dentist!
If your little one loves to cook, they will love our different chef designs. Use their favorite to customize a white chef’s hat and matching apron they can wear while you are working together in the kitchen.

Customize shirts, face masks, and “doctor” tote bags for kids who love to pretend to be doctors and nurses.

Many of our occupation-related designs feature girls, which make them great for teaching girls that they can be whatever they want to be. Whether you have an aspiring chef, doctor, engineer, architect, or police officer, our occupation-themed baby embroidery designs encourage them to use their girl power!

We have designs for the budding actor, actress, or director, lawyer, judge, librarian, or manicurist. And for those boys and girls with a real sense of adventure, choose our sailor designs.


Our occupation-themed applique designs aren’t just for babies and kids. Whether you want to boast about your profession or you are simply the “best nana in the world,” you can easily customize clothing and accessories to be as unique as you are.

Are you a teacher or a day care provider? Use our occupation-themed baby embroidery designs in your classroom to help little ones learn about different jobs in the community. Create flash cards, play mats, cloth books, wall hangings, and more!