Inspire wanderlust in babies and young children with our travel-themed baby applique designs for machine embroidery. With our cute destination-themed embroidery designs for baby and young children, you can keep home or a favorite vacation spot close to your little one’s heart!


Baby embroidery designs include popular destinations like Paris, Hollywood, Louisiana’s Mardi Gras, and the wild west spirit of Texas. These travel-themed baby embroidery designs can express the comfort of home or the spirit of adventure.

Create baby bibs with custom embroidery featuring our destination-themed designs. These cute baby embroidery designs also make it easy to customize socks, shirts, and dresses, and blankets for your baby. Create a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift for a baby shower, friend, or family member that reminds them of home sweet home or speaks to their adventurous spirit. Choose one of our destination-themed baby embroidery designs and get started on your next project today!