Applique sayings | Sayings embroidery designs

We have over 800 ways to “say it with applique!” Whether you want to make a holiday, seasonal, sports, religious, patriotic, or any other kind of statement, we have the perfect words and designs. Our baby embroidery designs aren’t just for babies and young children. You’ll find plenty here for parents, grandparents, occupations, and all kinds of ways of life.


We have hundreds of both religious and secular holiday-themed sayings for machine embroidery. Send a specific holiday message or just tell a little one in your life that they are in your prayers. We also have designs you can use to remember loved ones who have gone to heaven but who are still close to your heart. Our Fourth of July-themed designs include plenty of flags, fireworks, and feisty sayings. Choose from traditional, irreverent, or whimsical sayings for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.

We also have tons of family-themed sayings for everyday items. Choose from one of our many baby embroidery designs featuring sayings that proclaim love for mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, etc. Proudly proclaim that you are a homeschool family. Or show your support for a friend or family member with one of our special Breast Cancer, Downs Syndrome, or Autism designs.

Let the big or little girl in your life express who she is with one of our appliques featuring sayings for girls. Whether she’s a mermaid, a diva in training, or Daddy’s little princess, a mom, a teacher, or a crafter, we have a message she’ll be proud to share with the world.

We have sports-related designs and sayings for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, gymnastics, and more! Whether you play, coach, or cheer, you’ll find the right saying here.


We have lots of baby embroidery designs with love-related sayings perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day. Mom, Dad, grandparents, brothers, and sisters will know that the little ones love them when they see them proudly wearing the message on their bibs, onesies, shirts, and dresses.

Celebrate the most special relationships in your life with one of our Friends sayings. Whether you want to channel your inner Joey (How you doin’?), tell the world that you’ve finally found your lobster, or make a shirt or tote for your own friends, we have friend-themed sayings that your friends will love.

Why wait till baby is a year old to start marking birthdays? With our Baby Monthly Onesie sayings set, you can make onesies, shirts or dresses, and bibs to mark each month! Make them for your own little one, or as a special handmade gift for a baby shower, friend, or family member.


Are you a teacher? Show the world how much you love your job with our teaching-related designs and sayings. Whether you “put the cool in the school” or “the sass in the class,” let them know that you think teaching is the “best job ever!” We also have designs for hair stylists, crafters, pickers, soldiers, homesteaders, and lots of other occupations and hobbies.

Express your patriotism with one of our designs featuring American or Canadian iconography and sayings. Whether you want to honor a soldier, a city, a family member, or your country in general, we have the perfect saying for your clothing or tote.