Applique love | Love embroidery designs

We have as many different love-themed baby embroidery designs as there are kinds of love. Our collection of baby machine embroidery designs lets you express your love for them in their favorite theme or yours!


Do you say “I love you” with favorite characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Disney princesses, cartoon couples, or kitschy sayings? Whether your style is closer to lover muffin, puppy love, or foxy, we have the perfect baby embroidery designs for expressing love to and from all ages.

Nothing says love like the simple heart shape. We have dozens of baby embroidery designs featuring this classic symbol. We also have lots of “kiss me” designs. They aren’t just for St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day! Celebrate the love in your life by inviting kisses every day.

Choose one of our shape or frame baby embroidery designs for your message of love. Then spread the love around on children’s items hand towels, totes, and more.

Our Little Miss and Little Mister February applique designs are perfect for celebrating love this Valentine’s Day or for the whole month of February. Create adorable baby bibs with custom embroidery. Our embroidery designs for baby and young children also make it easy to customize shirts, dresses, socks, and hats with their favorite characters and treats. Choose one of our baby machine embroidery designs and say “I love you” with applique today!


Who do you love? Tell the world with one of our I heart applique designs. Turn bibs, onesies, shirts, and dresses into a sweet way to tell mothers, fathers, grandparents, and kids how much you and your little ones love them. We have great designs you can use to tell the world about the other things you love too, like sports or music!

Proudly display your love for your country with our patriotic and summer-themed Fourth of July baby embroidery designs.

Who doesn’t love food? Whether you want to express love for your favorite food, or you like to use food-themed expressions of love, we have the baby embroidery designs for you! We have love messages featuring the classic Valentine’s Day heart, fruits, veggies, and adorable food-themed love messages like “I love you “smore.”