Valentine's Day

We have dozens of baby embroidery designs with a Valentine’s Day theme. In fact, there’s something for everyone in the family! From beloved characters to cute animal couples, nothing says you love them like a specially-chosen, handmade gift. Whether your style is Disney princess or Minnie Mouse, puppy love or visual puns, you’ll find the perfect message with our cute Valentine’s Day baby embroidery designs.


We have as many different love-themed applique designs as there are kinds of love. Our baby embroidery designs let you express your love for them in their favorite theme. Whether your style is closer to love muffin, puppy love, or foxy, we have the perfect Valentine’s Day design for babies, children, and lovers of all ages.

We have dozens of different takes on the classic Valentine’s Day heart. We also have adorable food-themed love messages like “I love you ”smore.”

This year, instead of the teddy bear or the sock monkey, why not give a Valentine ornamented with one of our love gnomes? We have adorable little gnomes that can express any variety of family or romantic love.

Our Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse “Believe in love” designs will put a touch of childhood wonder and whimsy into the holiday. Our Disney Prince and Princess or proposing couple designs are sure to please the romantic at heart.

We have lots of baby embroidery designs with love-related sayings that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Mom, Dad, grandparents, brothers, and sisters will know that the little ones love them when they see then proudly wearing the message on their bibs, onesies, shirts, and dresses.

What’s Valentine’s Day without candy? Our candy hearts say Happy Valentine’s Day wherever you apply them.

Our Little Miss February and Little Mister February baby embroidery designs are perfect for celebrating love this Valentine’s Day or for the whole month of February.

Create Valentine’s Day baby bibs with custom embroidery featuring our adorable designs. These cute baby embroidery designs make it easy to turn bibs, shirts, dresses, socks, and hats into adorable gifts for your little valentine. Create thoughtful, one-of-a-kind holiday-themed gifts for a February baby, friend, or family member. Choose one of our baby embroidery designs and make your applique valentines today!