Mardi Gras

Get ready for Mardi Gras with our baby embroidery designs in purple, green, and gold! Featuring Mardi Gras designs like masks, New Orleans, and Louisiana iconography, these sweet designs will get your little one ready for baby’s first party. You can also choose to celebrate Mardi Gras Texas style! Our cute Mardi Gras baby embroidery designs turn everyday onesies, socks, shirts, and dresses into special holiday attire.


Get babies and young children ready for peace, love, and Mardi Gras with our machine ready, downloadable designs. From bibs to playwear, your baby will be the life of the party.

If you have several children, why not choose our Mardi Gras jester hat number set to help you with your head count? Or use this festive number set each year to make birthday shirts and/or dresses for your Mardi Gras baby. Keep the party clothes clean with Mardi Gras baby bibs with custom embroidery featuring our adorable purple, green, and gold designs. These festive baby embroidery designs make it easy to customize bibs, shirts, dresses, socks, and hats for the Mardi Gras celebration. Choose one of our baby embroidery designs and get the whole family ready to celebrate Mardi Gras today!