Applique baby girl | Baby girl embroidery designs

We have over 600 applique designs for girls of all ages, and hundreds of baby girl embroidery ideas and cute baby girl embroidery designs. Simply choose the design you like and our baby machine embroidery designs will do the rest. Our embroidery designs for baby, little girls, and the young (girls) at heart include cute and cuddly animals and sea creatures, adorable ballerinas, plants, princesses, mermaids, unicorns, sports, school, toys, bugs, flowers, foods, favorite characters, occupations, and more.


Our designs include tons of images featuring all kinds of girls doing all kinds of things! Celebrate holidays, playtime, dress-up, kitchen time, dance time, sports time, friendship, and any and everything else girls do.

Let your little girl express who she is with one of our baby embroidery designs featuring sayings for girls. Whether she’s a mermaid, a diva in training, or Daddy’s little princess, we have a message she’ll be proud to share with the world.

We have adorable baby embroidery designs for girls who love to read, draw, paint, dance, and dream. We also have vehicle designs from racecars to rockets for girls with a need for speed and a spirit of adventure. For the athlete or sports fan, we have baby embroidery designs for gymnastics, golf, karate, soccer, and more. Our baby and young girl embroidery ideas are perfect for personalizing play clothes that they’ll love.

Many of our occupation-related designs feature girls, which make them great for teaching girls that they can be whatever they want to be. Whether you have an aspiring chef, doctor, engineer, architect, or police officer, our applique designs encourage them to excel.

Twin girls? No problem! Choose doubles of your favorite design, or choose one of our baby girl embroidery ideas that celebrate being a twin! We also have special designs for big sisters, little sisters, and birthday girls.


Our favorite character baby girl embroidery ideas include Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, the Frog Princess, Kiki and other Studio Ghibli designs, Marie (from the Aristocats), Alice in Wonderland, Peppa Pig, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses, Sesame Street, and Tinkerbell. We also have applique designs featuring popular characters for older girls like Plants vs. Zombies, the Minions, and Harry Potter.

Does your little girl have an imaginary friend or just a love of all things magical? She will love our fairy, mermaid, princess, and unicorn designs.

Does your little girl love flowers? Bees? Butterflies? We’ve got you covered. For the little animal lover, we have a huge assortment of baby animals. From the jungle to the arctic, from the savannah to the ocean, with these designs, your little girl can take her favorite creature with her anywhere she goes.


Celebrate the months of the year with our “Little Miss” appliques. These designs for each month of the year include seasonal images that turn plain onesies and t-shirts into special outfits. Are you a teacher? Use our “Little “Miss” and “Little Mister” designs in your classroom to help little ones learn the months of the year. Create play mats, cubbie signs, flash cards, cloth books, wall hangings, and more!


We have many baby girl embroidery ideas specifically for baby girls that you can use to create baby bibs with custom embroidery. They are also great for burp clothes and onesies. We have baby feet embroidery designs. Baby-specific designs also include baby girls, stork with baby girl, baby girl sayings, etc. We also have all kinds of in the hoop embroidery designs for baby in the pastel and primary colors traditionally associated with girls. Create teething blankets, burp cloths, and adorable animal faces that can be appliqued onto your baby girl’s clothes.


Use your little girl’s favorite theme or character to personalize play clothing or bedroom decor. Our cute embroidery designs for baby and young girls also make it easy to decorate their room with customized pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets or quilts, wall hangings, door signs, etc. Choose one of our favorite theme or character baby embroidery designs and get started on an applique project for the baby girl or young girl in your life today!