Applique family | Family embroidery designs

Our assortment of family-themed baby embroidery designs gives you countless options for expressing family relationships. Our cute family-themed embroidery designs for baby, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, grandparents, and cousins will remind your little one of how much they are loved. We also have cute twin designs!


Nothing is more important than family! Moms of boys and girls will love our hashtag designs celebrating the mama life.

Our baby embroidery designs include family firsts like baby’s first vacation. We also have designs to celebrate autism, LGBTQ, breast cancer, pregnancy, faith, sports, school, and commemorative designs for family members who are no longer with you but still close to your heart.

Use our cute family-themed embroidery designs for baby and older siblings so they can proudly show off that they are a twin. Or let them boast about their little, big, bigger, or middle brother, sister, or cousin status. Do you have a big family? Make onesies and shirts for cousins and grandparents, too. Or choose from one of our many baby embroidery designs featuring sayings that proclaim love for mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, etc.

Our cute baby animal embroidery designs and sports-themed designs, as well as designs featuring favorite characters like our baby Mickey Mouse embroidery designs and Elmo embroidery designs (in multiple sizes) mean that we have something to suit every family member.

Our in the hoop gift card holder embroidery designs also offer a unique way to give Mom or Dad both a handmade expression of love and the special something they want for any gift-giving occasion.

Create baby bibs with custom embroidery for little brothers, sisters, and cousins. Or use these cute embroidery designs for baby and young children to easily customize shirts, socks, dresses, and blankets for your baby. Create thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts for a baby shower, friend, or family member that celebrate the growing family and the power of love. Choose one of our baby embroidery designs and get started on your applique project for someone in your family today!