Applique baby boy | Baby boy embroidery designs

We have hundreds of baby boy embroidery designs. In fact, our baby machine embroidery designs will keep your little boy in style from birth all the way up to age 9. Our baby boy embroidery designs include baby animals, bugs, sharks, and dinosaurs. We also have sports-themed patterns and all kinds of things that go! When your little boy starts school, whether he’s a budding pirate or chef, geek or gamer, astronaut or athlete, we have the designs that will let him express his unique personality. With so many boy-themed baby embroidery designs to choose from, our baby machine embroidery designs are sure to spark your creativity.


Our collection of baby embroidery designs includes tons of images of boys that celebrate just being a boy! Images include holidays, playtime, dress-up, kitchen time, sports time, friendship, and any and everything else boys do.

Our favorite character baby embroidery designs for boys include Winnie the Pooh, Pokémon, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, and Elmo. For fans of George the Pig (Peppa’s little brother) we have multiple designs of George in action in an assortment of sizes. We also have applique designs featuring popular characters for older boys like Ghostbusters, Transformers, Plants vs. Zombies, the Minions, and Harry Potter. Does your little boy love Baby Shark? We have lots of sweet Baby Shark embroidery designs that he is sure to love as much as the catchy song.

We have adorable embroidery designs for baby boys featuring cars, trucks, and tractors. We also have sailboat, airplane, hot air balloon, and rocket designs for the more adventurous spirits. Our cute vehicle-themed embroidery designs for baby and young boys are perfect for personalizing play clothes that they love.

Does your little one love dinosaurs? Bugs? Monsters? We’ve got you covered. For the little animal lover, we have a huge assortment of baby animal embroidery designs. From the jungle to the arctic, from the savannah to the ocean, we are sure to have your little boy’s favorite.

For the athlete or sports fan, we have hundreds of designs for boys of all ages. You’ll find baseball, basketball, football, and hockey; gymnastics, ice skating, soccer, and surfing…and more!


Celebrate the months of the year with our “Little Mister” appliques. These baby machine embroidery designs for each month of the year include seasonal images that turn plain onesies and t-shirts into special outfits. Are you a teacher? Use our “Little Mister” and “Little Miss” designs in your classroom to help little ones learn the months of the year. Create play mats, cubbie signs, flash cards, cloth books, wall hangings, and more!

Twin boys? No problem! Choose doubles of your favorite baby embroidery designs, or choose one of our baby embroidery designs that celebrate being a twin! We also have special baby embroidery designs for big brothers, little brothers, and birthday boys.

You can dress your baby boy up and still let him be comfy in his onesie or play clothes with our bow tie, bow tie and suspender, vest and bow tie, and school uniform with tie appliques. Your baby boy can even “dress up” for an occasion with our in the hoop embroidery designs for a baby bib suit with a 3D tie.

We have many designs specifically for baby boys that you can use to create baby bibs with custom embroidery for your baby boy, as well as burp clothes and onesies. baby-specific embroidery designs include baby boys, blue baby feet, stork with baby boy, teddy bears, toy trains, etc. We also have all kinds of in the hoop embroidery designs for baby in the pastel and primary colors traditionally associated with boys. We have in the hoop baby bib embroidery designs for teething blankets, burp cloths, and adorable animal faces that can be appliqued onto your baby boy’s clothes.


Use your little one’s favorite theme or character to personalize play clothing or bedroom decor. Our cute embroidery designs for baby and young boys also make it easy to decorate their room with customized pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets or quilts, wall hangings, door signs, etc. Choose one of their favorite themes or characters and get started on an applique project for the baby or young boy in your life today!