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Baby Animal Embroidery Patterns

Baby Wolf Applique
Our large selection of baby animal embroidery designs are perfect for the little animal-lover in your life! Featuring creatures that fly, gallop, swim and slither, our baby animal embroidery patterns will definitely have their favorite!

These machine-embroidered appliques are detailed and adorable and are perfect for any occasion. You can use them to accentuate a t-shirt, or on socks. If you’re a teacher, these baby animal embroidery designs also make the perfect signs for cubbies at preschool or kindergarten. A welcoming familiar face in a new place!

With more than 100 baby animal embroidery patterns to choose from, we’re sure to have something for every kid and baby.

An Applique for Any Animal

If your child can’t resist the call of the wild we have an jungle-themed embroidery applique that they’ll love! Our selection of jungle animals is sure to have them roaring like a lion with delight! If they love to swing from the jungle gym, check out our monkey embroidery applique. If stomping around is more their style, we have a selection of baby elephant embroidery designs that they will love!

If there is a specific jungle baby animal embroidery design you want, use the tool bar to search. If you prefer to browse all the designs look on this page!

Is it hard to get your child out of the water? Do you think they should have been born with fins rather than legs? Help them celebrate their love for the water with our selection of water animal embroidery patterns.

We have a large selection of water animals, including whales, sharks, turtle applique embroidery designs and others! Help your little fish show off his or her favorite water creature with these designs!

Whether your little one has an imaginary animal friend, or just a creative imagination, celebrate their love for the unusual with our collection of fantasy baby animal embroidery designs!

With a colorful selection of unicorn and dinosaur designs, we have the appliques that will show off their favorite fantasy animal, even if they can’t visit it at the zoo!

Kittens, deer, puppies and lambs are childhood classics, and also adorable baby animal applique patterns available at Baby Appliques. We have a large selection of everyday animals that will mimic the cutest stuffed animal or cartoon.

If it barks, purrs, or baahs we have an adorable embroidered applique to add to any clothing article. View our large selection of baby animal embroidered appliques here.

Insects don’t have to be creepy crawly, they can also be adorable, as demonstrated by our cute line of insect embroidered appliques! With soft colors and sweet faces, our line of insect appliques feature ladybugs, butterflies and caterpillars and bees, and you won’t be mad to find them in your laundry basket!