Alternative & Pop

Use our iconic alternative and pop culture baby embroidery designs to keep the alternative/pop culture spirit alive and well in the next generation! Featuring pop culture icons and good vibes, our cute alternative and pop culture baby machine embroidery designs make an adorable addition to any little one’s wardrobe.


We have designs of pop culture icons like Amy Winehouse and Marilyn Monroe, as well as alternative heroes like Freddie Mercury and Frida Kahlo. Create one-of-a-kind t-shirts, tote bags, wall hangings, hand towels, or ornaments.

Having a seventies or eighties theme party? Create reusable treat bags with our Freddie Mercury or Rock On design.

Hosting wine night with the art club? Make Frida Kahlo napkins or napkin holders!

Add our dream catcher designs in multiple sizes to pillow cases and sheets.

Customize the babies’ and kids’ clothes for picture day with our adorable camera and “smile” baby embroidery designs in multiple sizes. Or create a cute, reusable gift bag to hold a child’s first camera.

If you or someone you know enjoys the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, our vegan fruit truck makes a whimsical and colorful statement.

Use our baby embroidery designs to create baby bibs with custom embroidery and an alternative/pop culture flair. If you have a bigger project in mind, use these alternative/pop culture designs to create your own themed baby blanket or quilt. These unique baby embroidery designs make it easy to customize bibs, clothing, and blankets with a pop culture feel. Create a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift for a baby shower, friend, or family member. They’re not just for babies! Use them to personalize totes, towels, napkins, or tablecloths. Choose one of our baby machine embroidery designs and get started expressing your alternative/pop culture spirit today!