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How to Make Money with Embroidery/Appliqué

If you have a passion for crafting and are looking to earn some extra money, consider selling embroidery and appliqué products. This is a great way to not only do something that you love, but also to take advantage of current market trends. In last year’s Deloitte Consumer Review, over half the consumers surveyed stated they were interested in purchasing personalized/customized products, either for themselves or as gifts. The trend of shopping local is also still on the rise in 2019, something you can easily take advantage of as a local artisan by participating in local crafts shows and holiday markets. 

Need more convincing? Here are nine more reasons why your love for embroidery and appliqué offer  you a great niche business opportunity:

You can work from home. The advantages of working from home can’t be overstated. You don’t have to invest any time or money getting back and forth to work. Neither do you need to rent an office or retail space. Whether you need to work around a full-time job or caregiving responsibilities, you can work when it’s convenient for you.

Start-up costs are negligible. Some businesses cost money to start―a lot of money. In fact, just the idea of “starting a business” may cause you some financial anxiety. But a business making and selling embroidery and appliqué items costs very little both to get started and to maintain, which means there is little to no risk. In fact, the biggest obstacle between you and a successful embroidery/appliqué business is making up your mind to do it.

Supplies are relatively cheap. We have put together a list of basic supplies that you will need to get started with appliqué. Even when you choose quality supplies, your initial investment is fairly low. Not only that, you don’t have to repurchase supplies for every project. A single investment in embroidery scissors will last you for years. A single roll of stabilizer or a can of temporary spray adhesive can last you through many, many projects, making the cost to produce any individual item much less than what it costs you to purchase the supplies. Refer to for our complete list of what you will need to have on hand.

You are going to be embroidering anyway. If embroidery/appliqué is your passion and the way you love to spend your time, then why not earn some money while you’re at it? At the very least, selling an occasional product will provide money to support your personal embroidery projects. Not to mention, nothing feels as great as doing work that you love, and that you are good at, and getting paid for it because others recognize it as valuable.

There is no inventory required. One of the best things about appliqué is that there are unlimited ways to personalize every pattern, and as I mentioned above, personalization is in. Not only do you not have to invest up front and then manage an inventory, you won’t get bored with your work because every project will be unique. You can offer your clients hundreds of stock designs from which they can personalize with their own color or fabric choices. If you or a client has a specific idea in mind for custom embroidery, we have designers available who will work with you to bring your idea to life, providing you with a digital file that can be easily loaded into your machine. Visit for more information on how easy and inexpensive it is for you to offer customized appliqué designs.

You can create your own niche. Depending on what you enjoy doing the most, or what sells the best for you, you can create your own specialized embroidery/appliqué niche. Maybe you enjoy embroidering patches, or creating custom appliqués with names. Or maybe you have an idea for a custom appliqué theme that our designers can help you bring to life. No matter what you love the most about embroidery/appliqué, there are potential customers out there who will love it too.

In today’s world, it’s easy to reach your target customer. The popularity of social media and the increasing preference for visual messaging makes it easier than ever to find customers. Even better, it makes it easier for your customers to find you. If the thought of trying to “sell” makes you cringe, don’t worry, because social media isn’t about selling; it’s about sharing. Many crafters use Pinterest, as it is easy to not only share images but to link back to the websites that they came from. Instagram is also a very popular and powerful platform for sharing image-based content. Post a variety of content regularly, and potential customers will find you. Don’t know what to post, or how what you post might translate into something someone would want to buy? Post images of projects you have done that have a connection to events in people’s lives―a shirt for a child’s first day of pre-school, or a shirt for a special birthday―which may spark gift ideas. And you don’t have to limit yourself to showcasing your best finished products. People use social media for connection and validation. Show your mistakes and share what you have learned from them. Showcase your favorite brand of stabilizer or your go-to pair of scissors. Your knowledge and enthusiasm for what you do will shine through and be contagious. If you share it, customers will come.

It’s easier than you think to get your product into customers’ hands. In addition to selling at local craft fairs or holiday bazaars, there is no shortage of ways to sell online. Website hosting services like Square or Shopify make it easy to set up a shop on your website. Marketplaces like Etsy are also popular and have the advantage of providing a community of fellow crafters.

Selling embroidery and appliqué is a fun and fulfilling way to earn extra money. Visit to browse our beautifully-crafted, unique appliqué designs or to get started with your custom appliqué today.

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